Tony Gwynn was One of a Kind

Tony Gwynn

     Tony Gwynn was great. He was great at hitting, but most of all he was a great man. A friend of mine told me that he went to a card signing show several years back. Mr. Gwynn was doing something unheard of in sports today. He was signing his autograph at an autograph show for nothing to children. Yes, you heard me right, at a show, where most players only sign for money. He was a class act. He gave back more than he took. Following his retirement he could have just sat around but no, not the greatest hitter of his generation. He took the Head Coaching position at his Alma Mater, San Diego St., where he was a two sport star, he was drafted by the Clippers basketball franchise in 1981. He didn’t take a leave of absence until March of this year. He respected the game, the fans, even the media, always with a million dollar smile. RIP Tony Gwynn your greatness will be missed but not forgotten.


Never fear the unknown

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