Why Baseball is striking out

MLB fans showed their ignorance by cheering Braun.

rounding third on accident


Today is Wednesday April 3rd, which means baseball has just begun. For some this marks the beginning of a glorious summer and fall and for others it begins the long season of having to watch seemingly identical double plays and diving catches on SportCenter’s top plays. No matter which way you see it; baseball is in full force and is not going anywhere, at least until October.

Being a fan of the game, I spent opening day circling through the beginning slate of games, which were full of hopeful fans, teams and players. One player in particular caught my eye, and I’m sure many others as well. Ryan Braun. As you can likely recall, Braun was suspended for 65 games last season after being included in the Biogenesis incident. This was not long after Braun had failed a drug test but it was dropped due to a technicality…

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