Facebook: Could it Become a Thing of the Past?

    A noticed something in Aug. of last year that intrigued me. My son, who just turned 13, wanted to make sure that it was O.K. to start a Facebook account. The funny thing about was that he wanted his own account for 1 and only 1 reason, to use his account for playing games. I thought to myself that, sure, he’ll catch on to the Facebookmania and soon he’ll be doing what many of us do, popping on their several times a day to check on his status, other friends, etc. As of the middle of March nothing has changed. He has not updated his profile, added friends, or check in several times a day. Maybe they (Fb) have a solution to this already but if they have it is poorly known. If Facebook wants to continue it’s dominance in the social media world it’s going to have to find a way to appeal to the kids who are not quite old enough to have their own accounts. They need to create a “mini-facebook” where the accounts can easily transfer over to a Facebook account when they turn 13 because, let’s “face” the facts, kids are becoming so tech-savvy by the time they turn 13 that they think it’s for us “old people” like people in their 30’s or even, God forbid 40’s (really old people). This will become a major issue to the tech giant that they will have to tackle if they haven’t already, and if they have, they need some serious marketing help on getting this out to not only the targeting audience, but to the “old” parents as well.


Never fear the unknown

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