Facebook: Could it Become a Thing of the Past?

    A noticed something in Aug. of last year that intrigued me. My son, who just turned 13, wanted to make sure that it was O.K. to start a Facebook account. The funny thing about was that he wanted his own account for 1 and only 1 reason, to use his account for playing games. I thought to myself that, sure, he’ll catch on to the Facebookmania and soon he’ll be doing what many of us do, popping on their several times a day to check on his status, other friends, etc. As of the middle of March nothing has changed. He has not updated his profile, added friends, or check in several times a day. Maybe they (Fb) have a solution to this already but if they have it is poorly known. If Facebook wants to continue it’s dominance in the social media world it’s going to have to find a way to appeal to the kids who are not quite old enough to have their own accounts. They need to create a “mini-facebook” where the accounts can easily transfer over to a Facebook account when they turn 13 because, let’s “face” the facts, kids are becoming so tech-savvy by the time they turn 13 that they think it’s for us “old people” like people in their 30’s or even, God forbid 40’s (really old people). This will become a major issue to the tech giant that they will have to tackle if they haven’t already, and if they have, they need some serious marketing help on getting this out to not only the targeting audience, but to the “old” parents as well.


Mark Richt would be afraid to change to early signing period

Can’t say I blame him, he can get the recruits. Now they just need to stop playing “old man offense”.


The conference commissioners will discuss and debate whether or not to add an early signing period to college football’s recruiting calendar later this year. Georgia head coach Mark Richt seems to feel concerned about the idea.

“I always say ‘Be careful what we ask for’ because I don’t know what that will do to our recruiting calendar,” Richt said to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “I think there’s some sanity to it right now. I think if everybody plays by the same rules, then it’s good as it is.”

There are many details to sort out with regards to a potential early signing period. Right now it is purely in the discussion phase, with no concrete plans to implement. Whether or not it would even be possible to add it to the recruiting calendar for the Class of 2015 is unknown, although it may be more likely to become a reality…

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College Basketball Talk’s Latest Top 25

Virginia loss was bad for them. I think if Duke can win the ACC tournament, they deserve strong consideration for the last #1 seed.


source: Getty Images Getty Images

1. Florida (29-2, LW: No. 1): There is no National Title favorite this season. This isn’t like 2012, when Kentucky won it all, or 2009, when everyone had North Carolina winning the title. There isn’t even a team like Louisville from last season. But if I had to bet my life on one team making a run to the Final Four, it would be Florida. They just don’t have any exploitable weaknesses.

2. Wichita State (34-0, LW: No. 2): 34-0. They did it.

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3. Arizona (28-3, LW: No. 3): The Wildcats lost at Oregon this week, but that doesn’t change my opinion of Arizona for the time being. The Ducks are streaking and winning the second leg of a Pac-12 road weekend is never an easy thing to do.

4. Villanova (28-3, LW: No. 9): The Wildcats might be…

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This one-man a cappella version of the ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out’ theme is the best thing you’ll see today

For The Win

Internet hyperbole aside, if the invention of sliced bread had been recorded and uploaded to YouTube, that clip still wouldn’t be as great as Smooth McGroove’s a cappella performance of the theme from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

Speaking of the bearded Mr. McGroove, if you have some free time check out his YouTube page for more one-man performances of video game themes of yore.

(Thanks to Bob’s Blitz for sharing the video.)

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Phil Jackson says Lakers dynasty broke up because of Shaq’s ‘clown role’

`Interesting to me that Jackson says that Michael (Jordan) couldn’t defend when he was on the All-NBA Defensive Team numerous times, not to mention his awards for being Defensive Player of the Year.

For The Win

(Photo via USA TODAY Sports Images) (Photo via USA TODAY Sports Images)

BOSTON — As arguably the greatest coach in basketball history, Phil Jackson won 11 championships with Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant.

If anybody would know the differences between those all-time greats, it’s him. In a panel at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, Jackson shed some light on their work ethics.

“Shaq didn’t work at it,” Jackson said. “Michael was able to succeed despite all kinds of limitations in his game. He couldn’t hit an outside shot. He couldn’t defend. But all of that went away because of his work ethic. Kobe saw that as a pinnacle that he had to reach, and he took it to a whole new level.”

After winning three straight titles with the Los Angeles Lakers from 2000 to 2002, O’Neal and Bryant had a famous falling out, and Jackson pointed to their personalities as…

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