Former Player Jack Clark Accuses Albert Pujols of Using Steroids

Burly's Baseball Musings

Former Giant and Cardinal (among other teams) Jack Clark has a new gig as a sports radio commentator, and he lost no time in accusing Albert Pujolsof having used performance enhancing drugs early in his professional career.  You can read the details from Dan Caesar of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch here.

In summary, Clark said that when he was the Dodgers’ hitting coach in 2000, Chris Mihlfeld, a trainer who had worked with and coached Pujols since high school, told Clark that he (Mihlfeld) had “shot [Pujols] up.”  Mihlfeld also allegedly tried to convince Clark that he (Clark) should try steroids himself, although he couldn’t expect the same results as Pujols because Pujols was “on a real strenuous workout deal.”

Clark also accused former Dodger Shawn Green of using steroids in 2001, the year Green set the Dodgers’ single-season home run record, when Clark was still the Dodgers’…

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