2014 PG Tyler Ulis Earns a Kentucky Wildcats Offer – A Sea Of Blue

2014 PG Tyler Ulis Earns a Kentucky Wildcats Offer – A Sea Of Blue

via 2014 PG Tyler Ulis Earns a Kentucky Wildcats Offer – A Sea Of Blue.


D.J. Hayden starts for the Raiders in preseason debut

One of the greatest feel-good stories of this year’s draft was former Houston Cougar cornerback D.J. Hayden, who nearly died from a freak injury in a November practice. According to ESPN, Surgeons only gave Hayden a 5% chance of surviving and compared sewing the severed artery to “sewing together wet tissue paper”. After losing nearly 30 lbs. and having a scare from his navel to his throat, Hayden rebounded at the Cougar’s Pro Day, regaining his prior weight and strength and running a 4.3 40 yard dash time. Hayden elevated his draft status from middle to late rounds to becoming the 12th overall and Oakland’s 1st pick.

Game Day!


The St. Louis Rams are getting ready to face off against the Green Bay Packers. Both teams are 0-1 coming into tonight’s game.

The Packers lost to the Arizona Cardinals, 17-0; and the Rams lost to the Cleveland Bears 19-27.

The game is hosted at the Edward Jones Dome and it starts at 7:00. The Rams will also be selling Rams logo clear bags for 10 dollars to collaborate with the new NFL wide bag policy.

Go Rams!!

2013 Perseid meteor photo

(Photo © wd.bowman) Photographer Bill Bowman created this composite image from photos taken on Aug. 12 near Ward, Colo. He writes: “The Perseid Meteor Shower as seen from the University of Colorado’s Mountain Research Station. This photo is a composite of 12 images (culled from 480) shot over a 4 hour period on the morning of August 12th. The Milky Way had light clouds in it that caught the lights of the nearby Boulder/ Denver Megalopolis and turned it orange. Only marginally adjusted to account for the Earth’s rotation. Note that the meteor trails mostly point to the constellation Perseus…. thus the Perseid meteor shower.”